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So you have stumbled onto our web-site, perhaps you clicked your way knowingly here or by accident, in any case we're glad you found us.  Don't be the weak mortal who bounces away, take an opportunity and explore our site, watch our trailer, then visit often to watch the complete first season.

My Acceptance - Part 1 of 3 to the NEW Soliloquy series of episodes!



The first new episode of 2015 My Acceptance has been released, the episode picks up from the Day in the Life series that premiered in 2013.  The next two episodes are expected to release no later than this coming Spring.

Work has also been done on revising the web site and how our episodes are presented, per season.  The new thumbnail layout really provides the site more charisma and lends views an idea of what to expect.  Along with the layout, additional thumbnails from respected episodes are now being shared.

You may be noticing more ads on the web-site.  Why?  Simply, advertising is the most common way for the show to generate revenue, that will allow us to make more original content for you.  We will do our best to not over due it and will always show support for our local sponsoers first and fore most.


For fans that did not pick-up our Season One combo pak, we are now sharing the Day in the Life of Parthena episode on-line and it concludes the 2014 season.
Transitions Vampire Web Series

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While we are in the process of developing new content, there is no better way to show your support for the cast and crew than by buying the Season One Combo Pak on DVD.   DVDs are available directly from the studio and can be purchased through Paypal.  



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