Cast Members

William Ellwood

Will is Chicago trained in improvisational theatre, an alumni of both IO! (formerly Improv Olympic) and The Annoyance Theatre.  He's also performed at Universal Studios Florida.  A veteran of many stage productions including: "Tony and Tina's Wedding", "the Eight: Reindeer Monologues" and "Back County Crimes".  Will was also a founding member of the long running improv troupe Crawlspace Eviction.  He began his transition to film in 2006.  The latter part of the decade found Mr. Ellwood in the feature motion pictures "Buddy BeBop vs. The Living Dead", "LexiBaby" and Campaign Pictures "Shaken Daddy Syndrome" and is currently a member of the the Improv Troupe Chaos and Main.  Will is delighted to play Ed Loomis in Transitions. " This is a project I believe in and I especially enjoy our fans!"

Todd Spratt

When the opportunity allows Todd finds enjoyment in having the opportunity to explore his creative side through acting.  He got his start participating in community theatre with the Play-N-Well theatre group and has since taken roles in both independent films and web shows.

Tudor Dixon

Tudor is an alumnus of the University of Kentucky.  She grew up attending films weekly with her family and developed a love of television and film early on in life.  Her love of film on and off camera intensified in college while she worked in the production department of the local FOX affiliate.  After college, she moved to New York City and assisted with a start-up show for teenagers on the Oxygen network called Trackers.  Not only did she work behind the scenes as a production assistant, but also appeared as a different silent character each day during the game show segment.

Eventually, life brought Tudor to West Michigan at a time when film was starting to boom.  Tudor was casted as the lead female role, Emma in the independent film, LexiBaby in 2009.  She has done several local commercials and promotional videos and also landed a role in a short television series, Kalamazoo Stories.

Liza Zaczek-Irving

As a young child Liza started out doing community plays and acting as accident victims in videos for the local police department.  She left acting for dance, but the acting bug came back in 2000 when she attended The Actors Working academy in Vancover, BC Canada.  There she was taught by Judy Norton of The Walton's.  Her first movie was in 2010's Shaken Daddy Syndrome and would then go on to be a hand full of other independent movies.  She has also appeared in the following feature films, "Real Steel" with Hugh Jackman, "Vamps" with Alicia Silverstone and Sigourney Weaver and "30 Mins or Less" with Jesse Eisenberg.

Adam Slager

Known for his breakout film performance as Champaign Pinky in the 1995 Independent comedy, The Secret Life of Caesar, Adam Slager has gained rapid notice in film.  A Kalamazoo, Michigan native, he got his acting start at age eight in a stage performance portraying Charlie Chaplin.  Soon to follow was youngest lead role ever given to a middle school student at his school, followed by a series of obscure independent films in his early teens.

Slager has appeared in four feature films, including work on Steven Spielberg's 2011 production of "Real Steel".  His screen credits include "A Sheer Agenda", "Buddy BeBop vs. The Living Dead", "Stunning", and "The Mountain Kings".

Holly Russell

Believe it or not, I was very shy in grade school, but by the time I got to high school I had conquered my shyness and I loved to be in plays and musicals.  After graduating high school and heading to college, life got too busy to pursue acting, but a few years ago a friend of mine was involved in a project that was looking for more actors.  She told me to come down and audition and that was all it took for me to get hooked back into the acting world.  I have been a part of that ongoing project for over 3 years now.  I have taken acting classes at Civic Theatre and Lyon Productions.  I have done several web shows, commercials and many independent feature films, including Bad Guy, Beyond the Dark, Band of Drivers, Bender, Finding Home, and Don’t Wait til Dawn.

Matt Bradley

While originally born in Kalamazoo, Matt lived several years in Mesa, Arizona before returning to Michigan to graduate high school.  At a young age Matt was introduced to the hip-hop genre of music and break dancing, where he discovered an appeciation for the art and found enjoyment participating in the craft.  He has had many opportunities to particiapte in music and acting, perhaps a most noteable exeprience was opening up for Kid Rock and Run DMC.   Matt originally joined the show in Season One as a minor character, since then, along with the show he has had the opportunity to see his character Matthew grow to be much more involved.