The Show

Derived from an all volunteer cast and crew the show continues to move forward in 2017!  Web shows in general have grown in popularity and while some are produced by large studios with big sponsors, Transitions is a low budget / no budget production.  The producers of the show are proud of everyone's accomplishment, with hopes of continued growth, fans of the series are encouraged to support it by following it on-line as well as purchasing merchandise as it becomes available.

Season One

Only the unfortunate transition and that makes life after death very difficult for Ed Loomis. A distraught man having lost his grasp on life, Loomis lives on the streets of Kingdom, until an unexpected turn of events transitions his life forever.  Whether or not, Ed has been introduced to the life of a vampire, an immortal; a profound life experience that brings him into a dark, shadow society.  Loomis must navigate the trials and tribulations that comes with such an opportunity.  We all live.. we all die.. only the unfortunate transition.

Season One of Transitions consists of 12 episodes that were produced in both 2010 and 2011, while they are viewable on-line the season was recut into an unterrupted feature with extended scenes and much more.

Inception of Chaos

Produced in 2012 Inception of Chaos was the result of wanting to produce a short film or in a sense a longer episode.  The narrative of Season One moves forward as Ed  continues to struggle with what happened in the army reserve, while Claire is visited by a far to familiar associate who speaks to the chaos that is stirring around Joseph's clan.  Perhaps most alarming is the visitor to Kingdom, Lorelie, a not too friendly and wreckless character.

Inception of Chaos was recognized by the West Michigan Film and Video alliance in the Spring of 2013.  The show received the honorable Eclipse Award.

Day In The Life

After experiencing the benefits of a longer episode in how a better story can unfold with more time, the decision was made to write longer episodes for Transitions.  The production capacity was limited in 2013, but many of the participants had the drive to see the narrative move forward, so in turn the Day in the Life series of episodes were created in 2013.  A lot is shared with the audience as each episode spends an entire day with a respected character (Amber, Joseph, and Parthena).

Time is spent with familiar characters such as Amber and Joseph, allowing fans to better understand the nature of a day tender.  Joseph becomes concerned about the abscene of Zachariah and is forced in confronting Ed about his recent transition.  New to the series is the character Parthena, played by Holly Rusell.  We learn that she has a history within Kingdom.  Is she on the side of good or bad?


In the Fall of 2014 the cast and crew did much of the production work for a new series of episodes, Soliloquy.  With limited resources with the cast, the decision to explore the use of inner monlogue to help tell a personal story of the characters was made.  The first episode My Acceptance follows Ed as he comes to terms with his transition and his new life.  My Transition invites us into the mind of Amber and the internal struggle that she is confronted with.  My Return, reunites the audience with Parthena where an oppportunity to learn more of her clan is exposed.  And in the last episode of season 4, My Absence brings Claire back to Kingdom, seeking answers regarding the Legion.  

Season 5

The cast and crew goes back into production in 2017 to produce Season 5.